NXDN is the designated interoperability standard for North American railroad land mobile communication. In addition to the NEXEDGE-specific features that Scout supports, the NEXEDGE endpoints in a Scout console system can take advantage of standard Scout console features such as Instant Recall Recorder, Select, Unselect, and Simul-select.

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Kenwood NEXEDGE® Trunking Capability Guide

Unique Features of the NEXEDGE Digital Radio Trunking System Brought to a Dispatcher's Console

The Kenwood NEXEDGE Trunking Capability Guide includes: 

✓ Capabilities at a Glance

✓ Connection Interfaces

✓ Scalability Information

Avtec's Scout VoIP console system connects to Kenwood's NEXEDGE® trunking system using a direct IP wireline connection. Download this guide to learn how Scout brings the unique features of a NEXEDGE digital radio trunking system to a dispatcher's console.

✓ Example System Diagrams

✓ Licensing & Networking