Scout is unique in the marketplace by providing full multi-site redundancy in the standard P25 interface for trunked connections. For trunked P25 communication, Scout epitomizes reliable, available connections ... twenty-four-seven.

Download the P25 Trunking capability guide for full details of Scout's capabilities in a trunked P25 radio system.

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P25 Trunking Capability Guide

Wireline Interface to P25 Trunked Radio Systems (CSSI and Privileged)

The P25 Trunking Capability Guide includes: 

✓ Detailed Capabilities

✓ Connection Interfaces

Developed as a suite of standards for digital communications, Project 25 is an important component for most public safety and government agency communication. 

Project 25, also known as P25, recognizes the current state of public safety communications and the necessary future direction. 
Scout, Avtec's true VoIP console system, supports P25 Standards with interfaces that provide connectivity to conventional P25 radios and to trunked P25 radio systems.

✓ Example System Diagrams

✓ Licensing Information