One of the many benefits of the Avtec RIC-M is its ability to interface with conventional base stations, repeaters, voters, and other equipment that can be part of an ASTRO® system.

The RIC-M is compatible with the following equipment:

  • Quantar™ Base Station / Repeater
  • GTR-8000™ Base Station / Repeater
  • PDR-3500™ Portable Repeater
  • ASTRO-TAC3000™ Comparator
  • ASTRO-TAC9600™ Comparator
  • DIU-3000™ Digital Interface Unit

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Avtec RIC-M Capability Guide

RIC-M provides an easy, affordable, and interoperable solution for your ASTRO® conventional radio system.

The RIC-M Capability Guide includes: 

✓ Detailed Capabilities

✓ Compatibility Section

Avtec’s RIC-M provides an easy, affordable, and interoperable solution that extends the life of your ASTRO conventional radio system and bridges the gap between legacy radio equipment and modern VoIP consoles. Download this capability guide to learn about Avtec’s RIC-M (Radio Internet Protocol Communications Module) which uses a single Ethernet connection to replace the ASTRO® proprietary interface with one that is P25 CFSI- compatible.

✓ Configuration Diagrams

✓ Licensing & Networking